Gainda Brand Phenyle (Black) 450ml


Gainda Brand Phenyle (Black) 450ml


GAINDA Brand Black Phenyle or Black Disinfectant Fluid is a homogeneous dark brown solution of coal tar acid and phenolic compounds with a suitable emulsifier manufactured as per BIS – IS:1067 available in both Normal and Winter types and all grades (I, II and III).It is highly germicidal and effective against a wide variety of bacteria, fungus and viruses. It is a powerful disinfectant for the general cleaning of toilets, drains, floors etc. in households, hospitals, government organizations and industries. It is highly effective in the presence of high organic contamination and leaves a strong odour.

Features :
Act expeditiously
Broad spectrum activity against bacteria and viruses.
Low rate
Longer shelf life

Pack Sizes:
450 mL pack size is available in amber coloured glass bottle.
1 Litrepack size is available in Tin
5 Litrepack size is available in Tin
20 Litre pack size is available in printed MS drum
200 Litre pack size is available in printed MS drum

Directions for Use :
Dilute up to 1:50 -100 with water and swab or mop as required.

Physical Properties :
Physical Form: Liquid
Colour: Dark Brown / Black
Odour: Strong
Specific Gravity: 1.02-1.03
Type: Normal
Stability: Stable under normal condition

Chemical Properties :
RWC: 5-7
S A Value: 2.5 Minimum
Specification: as per BIS 1061
Dilution: 1 % – 5 %
pH: Almost Normal
Solubility: Freely soluble in water
Shelf life: 18 Months from date of manufacture
Quaternary Ammonia & Mercuric Compound: Absent

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