Dabur Fem Soft Handz Soap Lemon (5lts)


Dabur Fem Soft Handz Soap Lemon (5lts)


The next time you have one moment to sit down and think about your busy lifestyle, take a moment to observe just how many times, through the course of the day, your hands run the risk of picking up germs and other unwanted microbial carriers. Bring home the Fem Soft Handz Hand Wash Lemon and breathe easy – no matter what life throws your way.

Fem finds a unique way to combine care and protection for your entire family. Its unique formulation is fortified with revitalising lemon extracts in addition to the natural coconut oil which keeps the skin of your hands soft and pampered. This germ-fighting handwash is a great way of bestowing health and goodness upon your family. Allow its lingering citrusy fragrance put the spring right back into your step. The Fem Soft Handz Hand Wash Lemon will prove to be a great addition to your household thanks to its easy dispensing action. Say hello to a new life that is blessed with health and all good things. So the next time you go shopping, you’d do good to include the Soft Handz Hand Wash in your list.

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