JOHNSON AND JOHNSON Baby Top-To-Toe Baby Wash (200ml)


JOHNSON AND JOHNSON Baby Top-To-Toe Baby Wash (200ml)


We understand that even though your baby’s skin may look perfect, but it is very delicate and is three times more sensitive than adults. So baby skin needs extra special care throughout the first days, months and years of life.

That is why the NEW JOHNSON’S® baby TOP-TO-TOE® wash is an ultra-mild cleanser designed for your baby’s delicate skin and sensitive eyes. It is a safe baby wash product, milder than a baby soap, and is as gentle to the eyes as pure water that soothes your baby during bath time.

It’s the #1 choice of hospitals* for a Baby’s bath and gentle enough to cleanse sensitive newborn skin without drying from Day 1.

No More Tears formula
100% Gentle Care. From Day 1.
As mild as pure water
Hospital’s choice for 1st bath
Clinically proven mild
Recommended by Doctors
pH Balanced & Hypoallergenic
No added parabens, sulphates or dyes
Made with only purposeful ingredients
Transparent. Mild. Visibly Pure.
Available in: 500 ml, 200 ml, 100 ml, 50 ml

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