Each day, when we step out of the house, for shopping groceries, commuting or while working out at the gym, our face & body are exposed to a host of germs. Using a handkerchief or a dry tissue might not necessarily the best solution as it does not protect you from infection-causing germs. The World’s number 1 selling germ protection soap brand (Unilever calculation based on Nielsen Volume Sales information for the total markets latest 12 months), Lifebuoy, brings to you its first-ever Lifebuoy Wet Wipes for Germ Protection on the go. These multipurpose wet wipes have an anti-germ formula that provides effective germ protection for your hands, face and body. Lifebuoy Wet Wipes contains Vitamin E and is skin pH balanced leaving your skin feeling soft & smooth. It is made from biodegradable fibre. Make Lifebuoy Wet Wipes your on-the-go companion, whether you are dining out with your friends, playing with your kids at a park, working out at a gym or travelling the world to keep yourself protected from germs. Keep Lifebuoy Wet Wipes with you always, to stay clean & wipe away those infection-causing germs in an easy convenient way. Anytime! Anywhere!


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